Demand Coordinator Transportation

Localidad: Llanera
Provincia: Asturias
Inglés C1
Descripción de la oferta: 


  • Coordination of the demand and determination of a 50/50 scenario to foresee the monthly cross-functional S&OP (Sales and Operations) process of a consensus forecast of the EMEA demand of for a horizon of 24 months and development of min – max scenarios 
  • Analysis historical demand of a defined business segment using statistical processes
  • Reconciliation of different data streams (market indicators, order portfolio, input of sales, customers, product management, strategy & marketing)
  • Development and determination of a 50/50 scenario to provide the monthly cross-functional S&OP process with a consensus forecast of the EMEA demand for a horizon of 24 months and to give a detailed forecast on item level to operations, permitting them to make a detailed production planning
  • Development of min and max scenarios taking into account business risks and opportunities. 
  • Coordinating on an EMEA level the growth initiatives and Sales Pipeline to ensure proper prioritization and resource allocation. Plays a crucial role in spanning the functional boundaries between the Sales / Marketing and Operations/ Supply chain Organization. 
  • Coordination of the Sales Pipeline Management process of a defined business segment
  • Accountable to monitor the performance of this process and continually improve its methodology, output and accuracy.
  • Proactively support the Sales Organization in the execution of the initiatives and help solving cross-functional issues. 
  • Daily follow-up of orders/consumption versus forecast, to be able to timely initiate short term gap closing activities with sales and to indicate deviations on a weekly basis and discuss those with supply. 
  • Daily follow-up of consumption/orders versus forecast, follow-up and escalation of the status of sales versus target (YTD and during the month) to timely initiate short term gap closing activities with sales and to follow-up on these. 
  • Preparation of scenarios to be able to simulate the impact on operations and financial outlook balancing growth, pricing and mix enrichment targets 
  • Follow-up and analyze sales opportunities and risks (via Campfire & "", follow-up of budget planning and year-to-date status versus budget, to be able to give Finance and the EMEA HQ management scenarios that allow them to determine the impact of different scenarios on the financial results and operations.
  • Follow-up of sales volumes per product family and per production site, to be able to determine deviations on a weekly basis and discuss these in de Master Production Scheduling meeting and if necessary be able to adjust bottlenecks in supply chain. 
  • Follow-up of Product Life Cycle to provide a realistic phase-in/phase-out plan on product level to operations. 
  • Follow-up of phase-in and phase-out of products in cooperation with operations, sales and product management, to be able to deliver to operations a realistic phase-in/phase-out plan on product level. 
  • Follow-up together with sales on non-productive inventory, to make sure products are being sold before their expiration date to avoid extra cost for product scrapping. 
  • Continuous data collection, KPI based reporting and analysis to improve the forecast and to improve (internal) processes. 
  • Collect and analyze demand related data from different sources (SAP, OMP,, I H S, Campfire…) and from different functions (Sales, Marketing, …) to give the EMEA organization relevant business and product views that support tactical and strategic decisions.
  • Ensures continuous KPI monitoring of the sales pipeline by providing standard reports and ad hoc analysis to Sales & Marketing and EMEA HQ.
  • Determine and execute new data structures and systems to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of processes and also interactive processes with other functions (Sales, Supply, …)


  • Degree in Business Administration, Economics, Supply Chain
  • Substantial general work experience in combination with extended function related experience in Supply Chain planning / Sales-to-Cash experience
  • Business Acumen & Customer Orientation: Understands business processes, relations – is able to translate customer expectations into the Axalta organization. 
  • Data Management: Applies extended knowledge and capacities to work independently and foresees at the same time guidance and training of others with regards to receiving, protecting and processing data to reach business objectives
  • Data Analysis: Works independently and takes care of guidance and training of others with regards to analyzing datatrends to be used in reporting to support decision making.
  • Computer Skills: Supports without supervision business processes by understanding and effective use of the standard office equipment and standard software packages and foresees, if necessary, technical support
  • Planning & Organization: Uses extended knowledge and skills to work independently and gives support and training to others with regards to planning and organizing, setting priorities and watching activities to efficiently reach business goals.
  • Action Planning: Uses extended knowledge and skills to work independently during the guidance and training of others in developing appropriate plans or the execution of measures based on recommendations and requirements.
  • Proactively challenges the sales and marketing assumptions in case of gaps to the strategic fit. Communicates significant upcoming supply or other issues to the Sales Organization that might impact planned growth initiatives and facilitates the countermeasures.    
  • APICS / CPIM certification is a must to achieve within 2 years in the job.
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